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Welcome to Pacific Grove
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Pacific Grove, or as the locals called it, PG, is a small, quaint, peaceful, little town where people
actually say hello when they pass you in the street. Where deer can be seen walking down your street or grazing in your yard - whether you want them there or not.

PG, a great place to grow up, to live and to visit if you like beautiful coastlines, forest, deer, mountain lions, quaint victorian houses, unique cottages, foggy weather and quiet neighbors.

If you don't like those things, you probably won't like it here but then again you never know.

Where is Pacific Grove?
butterfly moose

Pacific Grove, California is located 2 hours south of San Francisco (map), 3 hours from Sacramento, 1 hour north of Big Sur, about 15 minutes from Carmel and right next to Pebble Beach.

Also check out SeeMonterey's Pacific Grove information. They list some great stuff including local events, museums, scenic areas, beaches, the butterfly sanctuary, hotels, restaurants, PG's golf course, map and even an itinerary you can try if visiting PG for the first time.

Favorite PG Spots
  • Grove Market - reviews - I won't buy my ground chuck anywhere else. It smells & is SO fresh compared to the big chain grocery stores.
  • Acupuncture and Alternative Medicine Center (moved to Carmel)- Oona is very educated & professional in her field. But most of all she is sensitive & caring to each individual's needs.
Stay Tuned in PG